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Answers Posted January 23, 2002:

Do you have a favourite episode of Ready or Not?

I don't really have a favourite episode, but we had a lot of fun filming the episode with Kurt Browning - the Canadian ice skater. I was so thrilled to meet him that I could hardly contain myself. It wasn't that the episode was any better than the others, it was just really fun to film.

Amanda Zimm was Jewish - which religion do you practice?

I am actually not Jewish. I was raised as a Roman Catholic, but at present do not practice any institutional religion. What is funny about that is that Amanda was Jewish and a single child, which parallels Lani Billard (Busy) in real life - who is Jewish and an only child, while Busy is a Catholic from a house with siblings, which describes my life to a T. Funny role reversal.

Who gets to paint you everyday? (They get paid for this?)

My make-up artist is Francesca Von Zimmermann. She is the one who developed the Trance make-up, and she is the head of her department and oversees all of the characters - she also applies my make-up. There are at least two other people who work on my make-up and prosthetics alongside Francesca (and often at the same time as Francesca). Kari Cox, Candice Stafford, and Harlow Macfarlane are usually the people who'll rotate around me in applying my make-up, but that sometimes changes depending on the availability of the make-up artists. The whole process (in new Trance format) takes about four hours start-to-finish, and that includes hair as well. If we didn't have four people working on me, I would imagine it would take longer.

In the future, do you intend to continue working in Canada, or would you be interested in pursuing opportunities in the United States or elsewhere?

I love Canada!!! I hope that I can always work here. Obviously, I would not turn away an offer in the States if it was something that I thought would be a great opportunity, but I really would love to just stay here. It is possible for actors to do well for themselves in Canada. And furthermore, I do not particularly care if I become famous or not - I love what I do. In Canada, actors have the ability to perform and have private lives as well. I am not so sure that such a situation would be available to someone who hit it big in the States, although I could be mistaken. But acting is a passion for me, and it doesn't matter to me where it takes place... the reason I would love to stay in Canada is because it is my home and I love it here!

Will Trance ever get romantically involved?

Doubtful. Or so I hope.

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