I've put up a page at JigZone with puzzles of the wallpapers from the official site. (But I have to give credit to Lady Maigrey for giving me the idea - she has a number of puzzles up in her "Games" section.
WinAmp Skins

Jebo has put together some Andromeda WinAMP skins, available here with her permission.
I'm starting to toy around with a "GURPS Andromeda" setting for the "GURPS" Role-Playing Game. There are just a few things there, but feel free to use them, and let me know if you have any feedback.
"The Sims" Skins - I found some Andromeda skins for The Sims at Skins for Sims - and since the first time I reported this, more have been added! (Alternate skins and walls.)