Can a Removal Company help with Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning?

You found a new house and have already made arrangements to have a moving company come to relocate you to your new home. That is impressive progress but you still do not have plans to have the old house cleaned. Do not panic! You see, the removal company you hired probably has a cleaning package you can benefit from. In addition to helping you to pack, transport and unpack belongings into a new house, most removal firms will offer efficient, affordable and reliable end of tenancy cleaning services.

Before set out to find someone who can clean the house after you have removed your belongings, how about you ask for referrals from your removal company. If they also offer the service, you are sure that what you pay in total will be much less than if you paid for removal and cleaning separately. Do you have details of what needs to be cleaned in the house you are vacating? It is still alright if you do not because removal companies have been dealing with tenants and properties in their line of work and they perfectly understand the needs of a professional house cleaning exercise;

Carpet cleaning

The carpet is one of the things that home hunters see when they set food in a new house. Stains, pet fur and dust are the reason carpets look dull and unattractive to potential tenants. Your removal team has been to many new and old homes and they are aware what effects clean carpets have.

Oven cleaning

When the oven is left dirty for a long time, dust, food particles and stains develop, making an otherwise functional appliance look old and overused. The oven is a popular stop for women looking to move into a new house and it better be clean and fresh smelling when it is opened.

Upholstery cleaning

If you are exiting a house where upholstery was part of the lease agreement, you are going to leave it as you found it. Some of these fabrics are hard to clean but removal companies have the equipment and tools to do a thorough job owing to the frequency with which their services are sort.

Have you already found a removal company to move your belongings to the new house? Before you pay for removal, ask them about cleaning. You might have to consider another company or go with your current choice but save on cleaning if they refer you.

Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning

To find Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning company in London is not an easy task. There are so many competitors to choose from, but one of the most reliable provide for end of tenancy cleaning is a company called Citi Clean. This company has been operating in London for nearly a decade and surely you can benefit from their vast experience.

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